August 5th

August 5th

A double up and a day of mystery for you today!

On this day in 1912 Raoul Wallenberg was born. In his capacity as a Swedish Diplomat to Hungary during WWII, it is believed that Wallenberg saved up to 100 000 Jews from Nazi concentration camps.
Using his influence, he issued protective passports, naming Hungarian Jews as being Swedish and used Embassy funds to provide safe houses for these Jews.

After the war Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets as being an American spy, and it is assumed that he died in a Soviet Prison in 1947 – however there was no body found and his disappearance is still considered a mystery.

On this day in 1962 Marilyn Monroe was found dead. The infamous American model and movie star was found dead in her home from an apparent overdose on sleeping pills.
Plagued by anxiety, depression, a drug problem and a multitude of failed marriages, it is now widely known that she was having a very involved affair with President John F Kennedy.

In the week before Marilyn died JFK tried to cut off the affair because she was under the delusion that he was going to leave his wife for her. She tried calling the White House numerous times, and it was a matter of hours before her death that the President’s brother Robert was seen at her home to tell her it was over.

To this day there are as many conspiracy theories about her death as there are about the death of President Kennedy, and these are only fuelled on by the coroner’s ruling her death a ‘probable suicide’.


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