August 1st

It’s two for the price of one today!

On this day in 1834, slavery was abolished in the British Empire. In 1838, again on August 1st, all slaves were officially freed from a period of forced apprenticeship after the enactment of anti-slavery legislation 4 years earlier. 
While slavery was already illegal in most of Europe by this time, it would be another 20 years until it was abolished in America. 

On this day in 1944, Anne Frank wrote her final diary entry. 
The 15 year old German-Jew, fled to the Netherlands with her family during the Nazi Regime, and when the country came under occupation they were forced into hiding. The Frank family was captured and Anne died of typhus within a few months. 
Otto Frank, Anne’s father, was the only member of the family to survive the Holocaust and WWII, and spent the rest of his life turning his daughter’s diary into one of the few glimmers of hope to come out of that period of world history. ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ is now an infamous novel which has been translated into over 40 languages.

Anne Frank’s last diary entry read: “I keep trying to find a way to become what I’d like to be and what I could be if… if only there were no other people in the world.” (August 1st 1944).


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